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DB lost, but have all files - ads still being served?

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I transferred from one server to another a few months ago. I just now today realized that I never transferred my database over to the new server. Somehow or another, though, the adserver was still serving my ads successfully even though the database didn't exist at all.

I moved the whole adserver folder outside of my www, created a new adserver folder and re-installed the adserver so my database exists again.

The question I have now though - is there a set of files somewhere within the old adserver folder which contains all my old ads? Otherwise I can't wrap my head around how the ads were still working without the database. And if so, could I import that file back into my new adserver installation to regain all my ads back in?

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If you transferred the code base to a new server, but not the database, then if everything was still working, then either:

1. The URL was still pointing at the old server (and the code base was still in place there); or

2. The URL was pointing at the new server, but the new server was talking to the database on the old server.

Assuming it's the latter, then I would put the code base back that was there before you did a fresh install, and then migrate your DB over to the new server, and update your configuration file to point to the DB on the new server.

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