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Banners not delivering after SSL Integration for HTTP Domains

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I have recently integrated SSL certificate to my revive server 4.1.1. After integration banner ads are delivering on HTTPS domain but it has stopped delivering on HTTP domains.

Currently, i am using Asynchronous Javascript tags to serve banner ads.

Does revive ad server serve the banner ads dynamically on HTTP & HTTPS domain if SSL is integrated but not enforced?

Awaiting for the positive response.


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Hi @Kush Rohra,

If Revive Adserver can deliver banners over HTTPS, then it can also deliver banners over HTTP - at least, at the Revive Adserver level. There's nothing in Revive Adserver that will "enforce" SSL-only at the delivery mechanism level. (You can configure the Revive Adserver UI for SSL-only access, but that's separate from banner delivery.)

So, the most likely suspect here is your webserver configuration is allowing access through to Revive Adserver via SSL only. Take a look at your webserver logs and configuration.

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Hello @andrewatfornax

Thanks for the reply.

I am new to Revive Adserver so would like to ask you a couple of questions regarding SSL integration on Revive Ad server :

1) How can we configure Revive Adserver UI for SSL-only access?

2) Can you please elaborate webserver configuration is allowing access through to Revive Adserver via SSL only? (Which should be the case if we have set up the SSL certificated on web server)

3) Do you have any documentation of integration SSL for Revive ad server as I have followed the standard process to integrated SSL certificated on the web server?

Currently, i am using Apache as my web server and it is hosted on AWS.


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1. There's an option in the global Revive Adserver configuration somewhere to enforce SSL access on the UI. It should be pretty easy to locate.

2. Well, what I mean is that if you were able to deliver banners over HTTP originally, and then you changed your webserver configuration, to add in support over HTTPS, but now the delivery over HTTP doesn't work any more, then this suggests to me that your webserver configuration is the problem. Review your webserver configuration to ensure that both HTTPS and HTTP traffic are permitted, if that's what you want.

3. No, SSL configuration of your webserver is beyond the scope of Revive Adserver documentation.

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