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check user status/history etc.

Tomas Kapler

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I want to show differnt ads to users, that are registered and users that are not registered, or to users that bought something or did not bought something. So some cookie based rules.

Also i would like to set e.g. some ads for some type of pages - e.g. imagine i got eshop and i want to show ads on category pages, but just when it is some kind of category, or some specific vendor - both vendor and category are in datalayer, so i need to check for certain values in datalayer.

I have thought that all this is in revive ad server, but i canot find it. Is it possible or should i use something else?

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Hi @Tomas Kapler,

There are a couple of different approaches.

Possibly the easiest thing for something like "different ads to registered users vs. not registered users" would be to separate those ads into different zones in Revive Adserver, and then, depending on if the user is "registered" or not in your CMS, dynamically insert the appropriate zones, so that you get the ads that you want. You could use the same approach for other categories as well, if you wanted.

The other approach is to pass variable(s) into Revive Adserver in the invocation code, and then use Delivery Rules to deliver/not deliver banners, based on the value of the variable(s) that you pass in.


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