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Prioritizing campaign delivery based on price


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Can't really find any documentation on this specifically. Is anyone able to confirm that Revive is able to prioritize campaign delivery based on price? If Campaign A is $12cpm and B at $8cpm, can I reasonably assume that the server will do its best to delivery the higher priced campaigns first, so that if we get to a sold-out state, we're maximizing our revenues?

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Hi @Cavi,

Yes, but maybe not how you want.

Given your above scenario, you can, of course, configure Campaign A (which a higher yield) to always display if possible, and to only display Campaign B if (for whatever reason) Campaign A isn't suitable. So, in that sense, yes, Revive Adserver can do its best to deliver the higher priced campaign first.

But that all depends on you manually setting the types of campaigns and/or weights, according to how you want it.

Normally, when you say "prioritise based on on price" (or better, based on revenue, or profit), what you really mean is that you want to dynamically compare CPM, CPC and CPA campaigns, and dynamically adjust the rate of delivery over time, to address changes in performance which affect revenue (or profit), so that you're maximising for revenue (profit).

There is an option in Revive Adserver that was written a long time ago, back in the OpenX Source days, for this - but I have not had a chance to look at it since we took over, and so I really don't know how effective it is.


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