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Clean install of 4.13, User preferences not updating


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I go to this page: https://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/User+Interface+Preferences, make any change, see the message "User Interface Preferences have been updated" but nothing persists.

Also, even though the PHP GD library is installed I see on the dashboard a message telling me it isn't. 

This is a new server. I have been running Revive for years on another without any of these issues. It's Ubnuntu 16.04.

Anyone else seen this please?

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Fix verio
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I'm trying to provide as much info as I can here. So, I'm sitting on a clean 4.13 install which is of no use, so can try a few drastic things knowing I'm about to trash it. I did a chmod +777 * -R from the root, and noticed the graph started showing (the GD library issue). I also set the MySql user to root as a test, but the saving of the settings problem wasn't affected.

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