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Unknown column 'user_id' in 'field list' ox_session after logging into revive adserver


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I am trying to move an install of Revive Ad Server (v 4.11 - upgraded from OpenX) to a new server. Our host has provided me with a backup of the mysql database and an archive of the files (php, etc.). I've created the database and restored the backup and copied the files into place and modified the config file to use the new database.

When I log into Revive, I receive the following error:

Unknown column 'user_id' in 'field list'

The command it's trying to execute is an update on the ox_session table and it's referring to a column called 'user_id'. However, the user_id column doesn't exist in the table. Here's the create statement I see in the mysql backup I restored:

CREATE TABLE `ox_session` (
  `sessionid` varchar(32) NOT NULL DEFAULT '',
  `sessiondata` text NOT NULL,
  `lastused` datetime DEFAULT NULL,
  PRIMARY KEY (`sessionid`)

Here is the desc of the table in the restored database:

| Field       | Type        | Null | Key | Default | Extra |
| sessionid   | varchar(32) | NO   | PRI |         |       |
| sessiondata | text        | NO   |     | NULL    |       |
| lastused    | datetime    | YES  |     | NULL    |       |

Any ideas why Revive is looking for the user_id column that doesn't exist?

I'm trying to respond to a reply from Ian - but I don't see his reply in the post.  He asked:

>> So did you did an upgrade, and then restored a backup of your MySQL database which was made before you upgraded?

Any upgrading occurred before the backup of files and database was provided to me.  So I'm just trying to run the exact same version as was running on the previous server.  I thought all I needed to do was copy the files, create the database, restore the backup of the database, and update the config file to use the appropriate database.  But that's when I ran into this error.

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