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Connect Revive Adserver to Wordpress

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I will be short as possible. 

  • I have created my campaign, zone and banner (Inline Video ad)
  • I'm using FV Flowplayer Video Player (link) -> this plugin use shortcodes to display videos. 

I have tried to use WP-Revive Adserver (link) but it asks me the "Revive Adserver Async URL" (Enter Revive Ad Server Async URL. (//example.com/adserver)) and the "Revive Adserver ID" (Enter Revive Adserver ID. This is for Async Invocation Code (data-revive-id="a7417xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx")



I would like to show my Inline Video ad in all my videos. I don't know where I can find these parameters.

I don't know how to continue

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Hi @lucab,

This sounds like a question that would be better asked of the WP-Revive Adserver project you're talking about, but from the looks of it, I think that the WP plugin is designed for showing async banners from Revive Adserver - not inline video banners.

I think you need to put the appropriate information directly into the FV Flowplayer video setup. https://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Invocation+Code%3A+Zone+Level#InvocationCode:ZoneLevel-VideoInvocationcodeforInlineVideoadzoneorOverlayVideoadzone

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