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Upgrade Error


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I was following the upgrade instructions here and completed an upgrade from 3.2.1 to 4.1.1 and forgot to change the database value from the old database to the new one.  My original copy of revive seems to be running okay, despite my error, but when I go into the admin's Product Updates page it says:

"You are currently using Revive Adserver v3.2.1 (warning: database is stamped as v4.1.1) running on Apache, PHP 5.6.16 and MySQL 5.6.38"

Is there a way to salvage my mistake?  For example, can I fix the issue by overwriting the contents of the "old" (currently what I'm using) copy of Revive with the new files in the zip file?


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Hi @joesc230,

Looks to me like what has happened is that you've managed to upgrade the database (hence it saying the database is stamped as 4.1.1), but you're still accessing the system using a 3.2.1 code base.

Unfortunately, part of the upgrade process includes doing things like adding new config file options to the file(s) on your server, while maintaining the values that you had, and also upgrading plugin files, so, simply copying the files from a Revive Adserver zip file over the top of your 3.2.1 code base won't capture everything, unfortunately.

Do you still have the 4.1.1 code base that you put onto your system to perform the upgrade? If do you, it would be better to move your old 3.2.1 code base out of the way to another location, and then move the 4.1.1 code base into where the 3.2.1 one used to be. That 4.1.1 code base should have the correct configuration settings and plugin files in place - although you might then have to update some configuration file options to match the new location of the directory after moving it.

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Sorry for the super late reply.  I ended up deleting the files and database related to the upgrade attempt.  I was running into issues because I was upgrading but doing so with a Revive install that I placed in a folder in a subdomain.  The upgrade instructions didn't touch on that too much, and I had to realize that the config file wasn't being named in a way that the upgrade software would recognize that I was doing an upgrade vs. a new install.  Once I realized that, I was able to perform the upgrade.  Thanks for your time!

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