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How do i implement Ads on C# Wpf Desktop Apps


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Hello i am new in implementing ads on Desktop Application and specially on Revive Ads Server. I've been in Revive Forum already asking for a Basic Step on implementing Basic Ads to a Desktop Apps C#, and what are the Tools Needed for this one. i read their technical requirements that you need a PHP Apache and MySQL and since my Apps is in C# how to i make a bind on both Language PHP, C#. or maybe anyone here have tried implementing like this ads Revive to C# Wpf could you give me a link or forum tutorials of how to implement it. Please if i'm in the wrong site to post please don't block me just give me an advice on how and what i need? i really need a help Sorry?

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Hi @Migz,

Revive Adserver does not have a C# API, so, there's no way that you can simply load up an interface in your C# editor and start including ads that way.

You would need to install Revive Adserver separately, and then use one of the invocation tag mechanisms that best suits your needs, calling that invocation tag from your application. 

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