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Stats for rotating banners


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I have set up a zone with 3 banner images and have been able to get them to rotate using iFrame. However, the stats appear to treat all the 3 banners as one single statistic. 

Is it possible to get separate stats for each banner within the rotation? As each banner will be for different clients. Also the impressions are very high as the rotation is refreshing the page.

Thank you for any help


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Hi @DougW,

Revive Adserver does track impressions on a banner by banner basis. However, if you've put in your own code to "rotate" (i.e. auto-load) banners after a certain amount of time, then this might not work with Revive Adserver's view on how banners are supposed to be loaded.

Try using one of the standard invocation methods first, and see if that works, and records banner impressions correctly.

If so, then you know where to start looking re: how your custom loading system should work.

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I did use the standard invocation method, not my own code, but I found the documentation for setting the invocation confusing The documentation does not seem to be complete. On https://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Tag+Settings some items such as 'source' is not documented. I have looked for more detailed reference for creating an auto rotating banner using iFrames but cannot. Can you tell me where I can find the documentation please.



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Create three separate banners and assign them to your zone.

Add the invocation code to your site (Zones > Choose Zone > Invocation Code).

The iframe allows you to set "Refresh after X seconds". Perhaps this is what you mean by auto rotate.

Revive will take care of rotating and separate stats for each banner.

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