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Displaying ads to all vs. new visitors


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Hi @scott.huish,

Not as core feature with no additional effort, no. 

The override campaign type is ideal for setting up banners that are shown to users, no matter what else is going on - but then, naturally, you need to set such campaigns up so that they stop showing (stop overriding everything else) once your initial "new visitor" stage is "over".


It's possible to use capping to limit the number of times a banner is seen - which can be once, of course, but that doesn't relate to any specific location (e.g. page).

You could, of course, then set up a separate banner for every page, and use delivery rules to limit the banner to only appear on the specific page, and then cap the banner to once per viewer - but that's a rather cumbersome way of achieving the outcome!

Probably the most efficient solution that comes to mind would be to track the "new visitor" stage externally from Revive Adserver (e.g. as part of your website code), and to then pass in this information as a paramter with each call to Revive Adserver, and then use delivery rules based on that in your override campaign's banner(s), so that they only deliver when the visitor is "new" to the page.



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