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Can't get campaign total limit working


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We are using Revive to serve banners in our website and our mobile applications.
We are trying to limit the impressions given to one user. In order to accomplish that we are using the campaign limits. 
The idea is that a user can see a limit of 5 campaign impressions in one day but also we want to be able to set a maximum of 20 campaign impressions for every user for all the campaign time.
So we are putting a limit of 5 impressions to the session limit and 20 to the total limit. Then we are putting to reset the counter every 24 hs hours. Please, see the screenshot attached.
The "session limit" is working. Revive is not returning more than 5 impressions to the users every 24 hs. 
But the "total limit" doesn't work. Revive is returning more than 20 impressions in total to the users.
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Hi @ivela,

Just to confirm your testing process:

1. Fire up a browser, and try and view the banner. After 5 impressions, you should no longer see the banner.

2. Close the browser.

3. Fire up the browser, and try to view the banner again in a new session. You should now see the banner again. After 5 impressions, you should no longer see the banner. You now have 10 impressions in 24 hours.

4. Do steps #2 and #3 twice more. You now have 20 impressions in 24 hours.

5. Close the browser, and fire it up again. Even though you are in a new session, you should now not see the banner again, because you are at the maximum impressions.

6. Wait 24 hours, and all the counters will now reset.


Or - are you assuming that only the session counter is being reset? :-)

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