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Stats mismatch and weird behavior - 10/2017


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Everything was working fine in the previous months, but today when collecting data and generating our monthly reports to our advertisers, a noticed a big mismatch in numbers, which I started to investigate because the numbers where much lower than those from previous numbers.

Here is what I found.

A campaign configured as "Override", i.e. to be displayed 100% of the time in two zones. The number of views reported by the campaign stats page is completely different from the number of views reported by the zone stats page. See below. Interesting enough, the number of views reported for the campaigns is around half of the number of views reported for the zone.



This campaign has a total of six banners, three of which configured to show if the OS is either Windows, OS X or Linux, and the other three is the OS is Android, Blackberry, iOS or Windows Phone. Maybe the problem is with this configuration? I wanted a way to select three banners for desktop and three for mobile, and this was the only workaround I could think of. There were also a bunch of old disabled banners that I deleted today to see if it helps (I will have to check if that worked after a few days).

Another weird behavior was for a ROS (Run of Site) campaign, which was underdelivered according to the campaign stats. We configured it to be displayed 500,000 times, and we have plenty of impressions in the selected zones to fulfill this order. But see how Revive was delivering too few impressions at the beginning of the month and then tried to speed up. It ended up being delivered only around 420,000 times.


I have no idea as how to start debbuging this. Please advise!

Thank you in advance,


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Update: I think I found the culprit: It was a zone linking issue. I had the campaigns linked to certain zones but the banners linked to different zones... It seems this mismatch caused the issue when Revive tried to obey both configurations. I will have a definitive answer after lettting it run for a couple of days, but I am pretty confident that this was the issue indeed.

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