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Google Adsense's New Native Ad Formats


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Not too long ago, Google introduced "Native ads" that can respond to the content AND the device around them to provide a more streamlined user experience between content and advertising on the website.

However, I am not finding an easy way to integrate the code into the latest version of Revive Adserver.

If I select Generic HTML as the format, I am forced to specify an IAB ad-unit size, which entirely defeats the purpose of "Native ads." Native ads change shape and size automatically, to adjust to the device and to the content around them.  It's sort of like a responsive ad, but even more so -- maybe a responsive ad on steroids.

How do you integrate AdSense's new Native ad format into the most current version of Revive Adserver?





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Hi @benwinton,

I'm not an expert in the delivery side of things (I focus more on the back end of Revive Adserver), but does it work if you pick a default size for the banner, and let it re-size from there anyway?

If not, I have a feeling that we have discussed the idea of allowing "*" as a size for banners in the future (although I cannot seem to find a ticket in GitHub for this, so perhaps it never got that far).

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Thank you for the response. I might have found a workaround that has been successful for the last 48 hours:


1. Create a new ad zone and set the wildcards for the height and width -- "*".

2. Create a new Google Adsense banner and set its height and width to something arbitrary. I chose 800x133, because that seemed close to the proportions of their full-sized Native ad format. 

3. Assign the new Adsense Native banner to the new ad zone that has the wildcards for its height and width.

The Native ad format seems to be getting displayed and tracked properly on some test pages I created.


Just a workaround. Maybe in a future release, Revive might have an even greater solution. :)



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