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Revive invocation got http instant of https

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Hi @raja sekhar ,

Correct. By default, Revive Adserver generates banner tags that do not use TLS, because it's generally been considered a performance overhead, and TLS is not necessary for general banner delivery.

From memory, only the Single Page Call tag type provides an option to allow the tags to be generated with TLS in place; for all other tags, they need to be edited by hand to use https:// after generation. (Most tags will provide instructions on how to do this in the tag comments, if you enable extended comments.)

As more users move to using the HTTP 2.0 protocol, it might make sense for Revive Adserver to have a global option to allow all tags to be generated using TLS by default. Alternatively, if you only do delivery over TLS, then perhaps configuring your webserver for redirection might be an option for you to consider.

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