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cpanel stats vs revive stats descrepencies

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On a Joomla 2.5.site I have webalizer and awstats default stats with cpanel

(also have a similar market niche Joomla! 3.6 site with similar cpanel stat results but not included in this topic)

webalizer records 500,000 to 1m pageviews a month for last 3 years

but rightly or wrongly I  think thats unrealistic (wish it was right but rather be sensible)

awstats records between 40,000 -240,000 per month over same period

so am I wrong to expect my Revive Stats requests to be more than 300-500 requests a day? with impressions 20-60 impressions per ad?

I have 5 or less ads in top of homepage and everypage

Any obvious things I should check? or is that the drudgery of life I face?

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Thank you for that link I have read it thoroughly and am trying to follow each thread

But not everything seems right when I have such consistently large descrepenacies-

On 2nd Sept for example -

awstats logs - 4,218 pageviews

webalizer logs - 23,494 pageviews

revive adserver logs - 449 requests and 60 impressions


another example

On 6th Sept   -

awstats logs - 2,599 pageviews

webalizer logs - 15,302 pageviews

revive adserver logs - 3168 requests and 111 impressions


I could use samples of more wildly varying figures but none seem to giveaway any clues to what is going on anywhere as they are all so random. The only thing that is constant is revive ad server impressions are only a few hundred at best and webalizer is about 6x the figures of awstats and awstats is usually about 10x the figures of revive requests

all 5 ads are in the top most module and have simlar figures to each other.

I have ad blockers on and yet I can see the ads loading quickly before the rest of the site is ready on every page.

The sites load time is poor but a large slide show on the frontpage is responsble and necessary. However even on this page I watch and see consistently the ads loading before the rest of the site.


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Hi @Struggling with Eververyth ,

Are your webalizer logs really showing pageviews? It's been a long time, but my recollection of webalizer was that, because it parsed web logs, a single page view would result in many "views", for all the images etc. on the page. It would even count things like all the Revive Adserver web server log accesses as being views as well.

I still think that the link I gave above is correct, and that you are not really comparing apples with apples.

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