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Not Updating/Rotating

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I'm not too familiar with this app yet but I have created a website and zone to display campaigns. I added two campaigns using the simplest and most basic settings allowing unlimited impressions, don't end campaign, etc. There seem to be a couple of places to copy code to paste to your website where you want the ads to display and thus far none of these options seem to really work. Currently out of the two campaigns, only 1 banner for advertiser 1 shows up. I have it set to refresh every 30 seconds. No campaign has priority over the other but the 2nd advertiser never shows up. What's more, if I go to edit a banner and update the link or hover text, etc. It claims the changes were saved but they do not reflect on the website even after refreshing. Do you have to generate new display code every time you make a change and how come the 2nd advertiser never shows up? There must be something I'm not doing right haha. Thanks!

If a moderator could just delete this whole post, that'd be great haha. I am just not patient enough. After waiting a little while, my changes updated and the 2nd advertiser did show up and it is refreshing every 30 seconds as I have set it to do. Clueless newbie over here. Got it figured! Sorry for wasting the time of anyone who may have read through all of this.

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