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Wrong from address in automatic email (French version)

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Hi there,

I just noticed that an automatic email about "Impending campaign expiration" which Revive has sent to our customer (using a French user account) has a wrong from address. Strange however, the same email sent to me as administrator (in English) has the correct from address which has been set in Configuration/Email Settings.

Furthermore, that email "admin@oursite.net" actually is the real default administrator email adress used in varios server settings, but it is NOT being used anywhere in Revive for user or administrator accounts and oursite.net is not even the domain name that Revive is configured with. Revive Version: v4.0.2 / Apache, PHP 7.0.21 and MySQL 5.5.57

Here is what I got from our customer: (You also might notice, the translation is incomplete. I don't speak french however.)

Le 28/07/2017 00:01, « Default Account » <admin@oursite.net> a écrit :
Dear xxx xxx,
Votre campagne montré ci-dessous est prévu pour finir le 25.08.2017.
As a result, the campaign will soon be automatically disabled, and the
following banners in the campaign will also be disabled:
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