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How can I start my own Ad Network with Revive Adserver?


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I am looking to start my own adnetwork. I have quite few publishers but frankly speaking no advertisers at the moment. My plan is to setup adnetwork where I serve ads from advertiser networks Adcash, Pubmatic, Doubleclick and OpenX.

Being a beginner, I am learning how to make it work for me and my publishers.

What would you recommend for a person like me who does not have much knowledge of setting up an ad network.

Can I use Revive Adserver to serve ads to my publishers after getting those ads from above said plateforms?

I will design my website where publishers can join, get ad codes, check stats and see payments history. Will revive adserver be able to do these tasks if I can configure (it has the functionality to do such tasks) it to my clients area of my website.


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On 23.8.2017 at 3:06 PM, smile said:

I think you going to need plugins like these


GData has this website listed as injecting malicious code via drive-by surfing and blocks access right away, without having the chance to bypass the blocking - which is very unusual for GData, too. Normally they only show a warning and leave it up to you, to go on or not. Mhm..

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Howdy, ..Yearh well its a long time between drinks here pardner!

Do you mean GData the german software company or google data protocol? ( I guess what does it matter a warning is a warning)

Our experience with  http://www.reviveadservermod.com and their many other similar websites under different but similar names was - they are  expensive and after sale unresponsive.
THEY ARE DEFINATELY C MINUS nearing a D allround. Our experience makes us think the warning is most likely right. But how can we check that for sure????!!!!!!!!!!!!
They made it impossible to install their products out of the box so you are forced to use their service to instal their plugins. Once installed they lock them then leaving you no way of customising their non-layouts full of mistakes and dead ends and misleading hard to follow UI. I felt forced to use them for lack of anyone offering a cheap enough priced anything else as an alternative.

Unless you have a healthy budget to buy the expensive stuff from the experts  I can  say support for revive either with advise or products, be it modules and plugins, is thin on the ground.

From my perspective as a little guy  Revive is a hard slog and this is one of a very small number of sites with seemingly trustworthy people behind it. Maybe in a few years when this site and other good sites like this made by good guys takes off a bit more things will be different for fresh starters. But until then ..Please, anything helpful you find,  I for one would appreciate knowing about it   


What is 'injecting malicious code via drive-by surfing'? How can I check they havent done this to me?

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2 hours ago, Struggling with Eververyth said:

Do you mean GData the german software company or google data protocol?

I was talking about the german antivirus company. In short, their warning is stating: "Website blocked. Access denied by security suite. [...] This page contains infected code. [...] Virus found while loading their content."



2 hours ago, Struggling with Eververyth said:

What is 'injecting malicious code via drive-by surfing'? How can I check they havent done this to me?

Every browser has some security flaws here and then. Some more often, some more popular, some don´t publish em - or fix em properly or in a timely manner. Coders can make use of those exploits with targeting some code on a simple website to attack the browser and via the security leak inject malicious code - e.g. viruses - into your system. That´s a drive-by, as you are doing nothing really dangerous instead of websurfing like everyone else. The false positive rate with those is huge, depending on the AV-suite you are using. That´s why GData leaves you in nearly all those situations the option to bypass their warning and to continue surfing. First time ever I would have to deactivate the complete web protection module to go on. Erm - guess I don´t.

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