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Error occur when change revive db connection


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Hi there

My revive adserver just went wrong after  I switch the Database connection info at  /var/localhost.conf.php

(target db is a  copy of my localhost db, the only different is  that they are hosted on 2 different  server)

config items I changed:

1. host

2. username


I think I must missing some other steps to do... not sure yet .


nginx error log as follow:

 in /Users/richard/www/revive/lib/pear/DB/QueryTool/Query.php on line 299

PHP message: PHP Stack trace:

PHP message: PHP   1. {main}() /Users/richard/www/revive/www/admin/index.php:0

PHP message: PHP   2. require_once() /Users/richard/www/revive/www/admin/index.php:17

PHP message: PHP   3. phpAds_Die() /Users/richard/www/revive/www/admin/config.php:39

PHP message: PHP   4. phpAds_PageHeader() /Users/richard/www/revive/www/admin/lib-gui.inc.php:378

PHP message: PHP   5. OA_Admin_UI::getInstance() /Users/richard/www/revive/www/admin/lib-gui.inc.php:154

PHP message: PHP   6. OA_Admin_UI->__construct() /Users/richard/www/revive/lib/OA/Admin/UI.php:96

PHP message: PHP   7. OA_Admin_Template->__construct() /Users/richard/www/revive/lib/OA/Admin/UI.php:78

PHP message: PHP   8. OA_Admin_Template->init() /Users/richard/www/revive/lib/OA/Admin/Template.php:46

PHP message: PHP   9. phpAds_SessionGetToken() /Users/richard/www/revive/lib/OA/Admin/Template.php:123

PHP message: PHP  10. phpAds_SessionDataStore() /Users/richard/www/revive/www/admin/lib-sessions.inc.php:225

PHP message: PHP  11. MAX_Dal_Common->__construct() /Users/richard/www/revive/www/admin/lib-sessions.inc.php:183

PHP message: PHP  12. MAX_Dal_Common->_getQueryTool() /Users/richard/www/revive/lib/max/Dal/Common.php:77

PHP message: PHP  13. DB_QueryTool->__construct() /Users/richard/www/revive/lib/max/Dal/Common.php:157

PHP message: PHP  14. DB_QueryTool_EasyJoin->__construct() /Users/richard/www/revive/lib/pear/DB/QueryTool.php:57

PHP message: PHP  15. DB_QueryTool_Query->__construct() /Users/richard/www/revive/lib/pear/DB/QueryTool/EasyJoin.php:71

PHP message: PHP  16. DB_QueryTool_Query->connect() /Users/richard/www/revive/lib/pear/DB/QueryTool/Query.php:273" while reading response header from upstream, client:, server: localhost, request: "GET /revive/www/admin/index.php HTTP/1.1"








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