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https even though http

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New user running v4.0.2 running on Apache, PHP 5.5.12 and MySQL 5.6.17

Using the "Asynchronus JS Tag" my http calls (non-ssl), keep attempting to grab the image as https and the lg.php file as https.
It works on one page (site), but another it fails (inside the ripple emulator for Phonegap, and also my phonegap app). works in IE.

Here's the tag I am using where I hardcoded the http: (I don't want the slowdown from ssl)

<ins data-revive-zoneid="1" data-revive-id="de77d907e60f2f4544b2c1842c4e97ea"></ins>
<script async src="http://ads.xxxxxx.com/adserver/www/delivery/asyncjs.php"></script>

Some notes:

-If I use the regular "javascript tag" (the one with the document.writes) it works fine.

-if I do alert(location.protocol); it is "http"

-If I edit the file asyncspc.php and change the MAX_commonConstructSecureDeliveryUrl() function from https to http, that part works, so for some reason I'm thinking that big check at the top of the file ((!empty($_SERVER['SERVER_PORT ']) && !empty($GLOBALS['_MAX ']['CONF ']['openads ']['sslPort '])....etc) which sets


somehow was invoked.


Perhaps some default configuration settings?



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So for someone coming along reading this, it looks like x-forwarded-protocol has something to do with load balancers.


I'm not using one BUT I think my requests are being forwarded anyways. I am testing my Phonegap/cordova app using the Ripple browser plugin, I bet that does some forwarding. And when my app, built via phonegap build with hydration mode... I guess there's some forwarding there too.

So my hacked solution for now is to update the setupConfigVariables() function, and set

$GLOBALS['_MAX']['SSL_REQUEST'] = false;

Guess I won't be able to do any SSL requests but I don't think I will anyways.

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