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500 (Internal Server Error) on /www/delivery/ajs.php

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Can someone help me troubleshoot this issue I am having, please?

I migrated to a new server with PHP 7.1.5 then updated to Revive 4.0.2.  The install log indicates that the default plugins failed to upgrade.  When I load my page I can see some errors with ajs.php in the console and my ads do not display.

Errors in console

When I try to install the plugins manually, they each throw this message:

Component group with this name is already installed Client 
The uploaded file did not pass security check 
The uploaded file openXDeliveryLimitations.zip was not unpacked 


Thanks for any direction!

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Furthermore, I did try both Install and Import as suggested in the guides:


Install throws the message in my original post and Import does not report a message at all.  I can see all the plugins in the Groups list but not the Plugins list.

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I tried rolling back to PHP Version 5.6.30, no dice.

I copied the AJS file from my backup adserver dir from before I updated, no dice

I uploaded a new AJS from a downloaded install package, that got rid of the 500 errors and some of my banners display.


Isn't this file customized during installation though?  Is there a way to force an install through?

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Hi @Dredd ,

No, the ajs.php file isn't customised during the install.

I wonder if you have a permissions issue that is preventing the import of the plugin from working?

The errors you are seeing trying to install the plugins are either because you're not getting the plugins from a release package, or because the plugins are considered installed already. 

You could try uninstalling the plugin completely, and then re-install it?

Otherwise, sounds like you've changed several things at once (PHP upgrade and Revive Upgrade) - I know it doesn't help you now, but it's always safer to change just one thing at a time, and then test to make sure it's working.

Can you roll back to a backup to get back to where you were before?

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