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mysql-5.7 and lock table name on login

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In December we upgraded to php7, and in April we upgraded to mysql-5.7, we also now have the ads server as an https with a certificate and the machine has ipv6 enabled.   Now when we login into the revive ads server we have a delayed login time,  after reviewing the debug log we found errors like this "Jun 01 09:26:54 -0700 OX-5930404e6f364 [  warning]  mysqli_query(): (42000/3057): Incorrect user-level lock name 'OA_auth.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'."  per some research it appears to be caused by mysql 5.7 the get_lock() maximum length of 64 characters is being exceeded.  How can I work around this so I can login and not get this error?

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