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Appended PHP gets commented out on website

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Hi there, 

I have a interesting challenge. I'd like to use Revive to send ads to a WIFI splash page. On this splash page there is a php script that handles the creation of authentication urls, when the I Agree button OR and advertisers ads are clicked the user gets authenticated through one of these URLS and redirected to the advertisers site. 

The challenge is - I need to be able to send the destination url to the page from Revive. If I can't do this then I can't manage the ads through Revive as the urls would need to be placed inside the website file. 

Once I found the Append HTML box I thought I was set, I added <?php $ad_one_url = 'https://www.Example.com/'; ?> into the append before box and saved my banner. 

However on the website is gets commented out. Is there any way to achieve what I want? 

Much appreciated! 


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Hi @Brendan,

The destination URL that the user is sent to, when they click on the ad, is generally either defined under the ad's content, or as part of the ad's HTML content (if an HTML ad).

So, you can definitely manage the destination URL for the ad through Revive Adserver.

Take a look here: https://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Creating+a+Banner

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