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Email zone : deactivated campaign break link

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I'm facing a problem where banner link doesn't work in some situation. I know we can't manage banner/campaign rotation in an email zone, therefore we have campaign planned each week that doesn't overlap.
It was working fine for over than a year and suddenly, every few weeks links are broken, and after check there was no campaign overlap (there is one campaign every week for a daily newsletter).

I've found that in the linked banners for that zone, there is multiple campaign marked as active (icon not greyed). The one that is supposed to be active and another that have an ending date that is in the past.

The way I can "fix" the problem, is to edit the campaign that should be deactivated (actually it is already, just not in the linked banner page) and saving it without changing anything. After this, the campaign is correctly deactivated and the link work again.


This problem happen every few weeks and I have to manually fix the problem. I'm looking for a way to fix this definitively, as anyone faced this ? 

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