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Technical problem

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Dear Revive,

I have a problem with delivering the text link ads and hope you can help me out.

I am using Revive since 1 month for textlinks on other sides. At this moment i have 1,2 million impressions per day and everything works fine. Yesterday when a publisher with huge traffic (+-1 million per day) added the revive pixel on his website, all text advertising was disappeared on all the publisher that i work with. So i asked him to remove the pixel and now everything looks fine again.

The server that i am using: 4 core cpu, 80gb ssd, 4gb ram, 1000 mbit

Please can you let me know what i can do do fix this problem?

Thank you very much in advance.

Kind regards,
[email protected]


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Hi @Maik,

When the new traffic started coming in (which, by the sounds of things, basically doubled your traffic load), what was the impact on your server? That is, what did you server performance monitoring show was happening on the server?

That will allow you to diagnose if this was a performance related issue or not, and, if so, which aspect(s) of your system need to be addressed to handle the additional load.

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Hi Andrew, @andrewatfornax

thanks for your answer! The problem is solved now.

However at this moment when websites are login to revive. They can also see the campaign and banners. Actually i only want them to see stats. Do you have any idea how i can give them limited access so that they can only see their stats?

Thanks in advange.

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8 minutes ago, andrewatfornax said:

Hi @Maik,

Glad to hear you resolve the issue. 

Website user logins are pretty basic in Revive Adserver - there are not really any options to control what the users can or cannot see - so, in short, what they see is what they see. There's no way to reduce the level of access that they have.

@andrewatfornax Thanks for you reply! 



i found this link...? is this maybe an option? 


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