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moving to ssl

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I'm sure the answer is somewhere. I didn't see it.

Moving to ssl. Do we need to do anythig to ReviveAdserver?

I know the 3rd party code can't be http: from banner companies.

But, will Revive generate new tags to use on our ssl site?

Thanks Erik. I hope you're well.

Jim Atkinson/3WK.COM Onwer


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Hi @JimAtkinson ,

Once you have an SSL certificate in place with your Revive Adserver, then you will be set up to allow SSL-delivery of banners. However, only some Revive Adserver tags can automatically work on both HTTP and HTTPS sites - e.g. JavaScript tags - and even then, they can only automatically work if working using JavaScript (that is, if they fall back to non-script mode, then the tag will be hard-coded to either HTTP or HTTPS).

So, it would be worth reviewing exactly what tag types you are using, and check to see if they need to be adjusted for SSL delivery. You will find an option to set SSL/non-SSL, or a comment in the generated tag, which should explain what is needed.

Don't forget that any HTML banners may also need to be changed to load their content via SSL; Revive Adserver will not deliver HTML banners that include HTTP:// links in them over an SSL connection, to prevent mix-content warnings in the browser. 

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