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Cache Expiration Time on Per Banner Basis?

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We are using different types of banner:

1. Static image banners that never change.

2. Dynamic content banners that show live data updated every minute. For example, let's say it's a stock price that needs to be shown in real time.

Revive offers the ability to set a global cache time for banners, which defaults to 20 minutes. The problem we have is that the static banners can be cached for 24 hours and it won't cause any problem at all. However, if the dynamic banners are cached for more than 1 minutes, they will be showing out of date information.

Is there some way to set cache/caching expiration times per banner or per campaign? If not, how do you suggest we deal with this issue? It makes no sense for performance to cache the static banners for only 1 minute just because we need the dynamic banners to have a fast cache expiration.

Thank you!

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Hi @carthouse,

The banner caching that Revive Adserver performs relates to the banner meta-data (e.g. frequency of delivery, delivery limitations, capping rules, the location of the banner image, etc.), and not the actual banner image itself. (Well, actually, if it's an SQL-stored banner, I think the banner itself is actually cached - but if you're talking about an externally hosted dynamic banner that updates every minute, then that won't be the case.)

So, I don't think in this case there is a need for a different delivery information cache expiration timeout - even with the default 20 minute cache, you should still see that your dynamic banners are changing every minute (provided the source of your banners is setting all the necessary HTTP headers to ensure that proxies & browsers are not caching the banner for more than a minute, of course!).

Make sense?

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