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Partitioning the Database

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These days MySQL (or MariaDB, or Aurora at AWS) support clustering. Therefore we have multiple databases in sync and we can leverage on this capacity to improve the adserver performance. Obviously, we can write to Master, and read from Slave nodes. Is there a way to accomplish this with the current Revive code base? Has anyone figured out a solution? What would it take to bring this feature into the core.

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Hi @Ionel Roiban,

Master/slave doesn't really help Revive Adserver, because the admin UI needs to read and write (to update campaigns, banners, etc.), while the delivery system also needs to ready and write (to find out what to deliver, and to then log the statistics). So, pretty much all of Revive Adserver needs to talk to the master node.

Master/slave really only helps if you have failover with slave to master promotion configured, for HA.

If you need to distribute load for the database, then master/master replication is what's needed, unfortunately.

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