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Long response time of logging script

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We're using it for our client -> https://www.aptekagemini.pl/. Generally it works fine but recently we saw a problem with response time of logging script (https://banery.aptekagemini.pl/www/delivery/lg.php?....). For example there are loaded 5-10 banners and logging each time we load the page. Most url are being loaded in 50-100 ms, but 1-2 may load in 2-20sec. Apllication, and server doesn't returns errors. What might do this delay (server or revive)? Where may I find some info about tuning or optimize revive?

We are using version 3.25.

We will be grateful of any response.

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Hi @Rev user pl,

Take a look at the number of threads your web server provides & are in use (as well how/when it forks more threads), as well as how your DB connections are handled. If you are seeing most Revive Adserver delivery calls returning quickly, but the occasional ones much slower, that suggests to me that some requests are having to be queued at the web server level until a thread (at the web server, or the database level) becomes free to process the request.

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