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Remaining clicks not available?

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Hello: It seems that users that are not admins can't see how much clicks are there left if they have a precisely defined number of clicks for their campaign.

Is it possible for them to see how much clicks is there left?




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well that's insane, isn't it? I just have one of the advertisers that told me he will buy a campaign if he can see stats. I never checked before, sounds ridiculous that there is no basic thing like this. I mean, all those advanced features but no stats for clients?

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Hi @femdom,

Which bit is insane? The fact that it's not there, or the fact that you told something to one of your customers without checking to see if the free product you are using actually supports what you said it would do first? :-)

Seriously, though, it does seem like this is a feature that would make sense to have. Would you please create a ticket requesting the feature in GitHub, and consider supporting the project on our Patreon page to help us get new features added faster?


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