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Change Parameter zoneid

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Ive already changed every path, delivery-php and "adId=bannerid" to avoid adblockers but if I change the parameter "zoneID" in the conf file, this does not affect the generated banner code.

Is there a way to change the name of this GET Parameter so it wont be blocked by ad blockers with this filter ".php?zoneid=".?

Would it be possible to rename all php's in "/delivery" to something like asyncjs.xyz and let php interpret this new extension, so the filter would no longer match?

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Hi @StefanXL,

Could you please raise a bug re: changing the zoneID in the conf file not affecting new generated banner code in GitHub? Please be specific about what type of code(s) you are seeing this in, and the exact config change being made.

As for your final point, yes, I don't see why you can't change the file extension of .php files, if you webserver cab be set up to still interpret them correctly.

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