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Channels no longer working


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We have a situation which has recently developed after the client did some clean up, not sure it's related but worth noting.  We have  been using openx/revive now for 10 years so we are pretty good at setup and resolving issues. 

1) All of a sudden, channel ads with rules which should prevent ads from showing up on a slot/zone are now being displayed.

2) Our channels are linked to a ROS zone as well.  Several times in this zone where channel ads are actively being rotated in, we are also seeing ROS ads popping in as well. 

It seems as if the channel rules are just being ignored.  We saw this behavior  where channel rules were broken several years ago when a channel was setup but the rule was blank.  We reviewed all the current rules, more than 100 rules, and found they were all setup correctly.

Does anyone have any ideas on where to look next to track this down?

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