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Delivery limitations being ignored - Cloudways Hosting

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Erik and team

We started using OpenX in 2005, and moved to Revive in 2012. Thank you, again and again for bringing this project back to life.

We are hosting our ad server on a cloud provider called Cloudways. They are growing quickly, with provisioning for AWS, Google, Digital Cloud and many others. Gives us flexibility on capacity, availability and scale.  Mention this as they are adding "standard builds" at a fair clip: Drupal, Wordpress, Magento; Joomla, SugarCRM etc etc. Have a base PHP configuration we use for Revive. Let me know how I can help have Revive added to their list of supported builds?

Version: latest version Revive: 4.0.1

Problem: We are unable to get any Client; Site or Time delivery limitations to work. I have checked the obvious install, config and banner set up. Latest versions of plug-ins are installed and enabled. e.g. Client Delivery Limitation Plugin 2.0.0: Creation Date 2016-09-13: Compatible with 3.2.0-beta-rc3 Extends deliveryLimitations

(Note: I would have expected this to say" Compatible with 4.0.1 ? )

Testing: We installed a fresh 4.0.1 on a local VM. Set up duplicate delivery limitations, and as expected, they are all working correctly.

Testing: We have done a file compare between our production site and the test VM. There are no differences.

Problem: I am almost certain that the problem is with how Cloudways are handling something?

Please can you suggest where we can look; debug code etc; we are developers an can dig in if this will help.

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