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Seeking Revive Consultant to implement mobile adserving solution

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We operate a app promotion network inside of our mobile games ; when users play our games, we promote other games of ours through a JSON API we expose.  

We would like to replace our home-grown solution with an ad server like Revive, with minimal changes required to our existing client applications.

The project would be executed in phases :

1) Mimic existing API our games already consume, so that we can do campaign management through the Revive user interface

2) Set-up and host the revive application in a production environment

3) Start incorporating 3rd party commercial ad network support into the API, as possible.  If this requires changes in the client-side API, we will finalize the API, test it in our games, and proceed with migrating our apps as per the specifications agreed upon.

Companies with past experience deploying and customizing Revive AdServer for mobile games and apps, please write to mahesh [at] games2win [dot] com with any questions you may have, or feel free to post your questions here.

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