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Can someone please help with the following:


We have a client, which requested us to use global targeting (restricted to the USA only) for a banner, and we would like to know what the banner viewability percentage is.


We are seeking to have at least 70% viewability for this banner.



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I was unable to locate anything for Revive as well. I even went looking for third party peoples that may compliment Revive (like the ComScore Viewability service) but they do not support Revive, yet, I recommended that they look into it. 

Anyway - What would need to happen to be able to get this feature in Revive? I feel like this may a big reporting metric soon and should possibly be looked into. Please advise.

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Hi @NP Communications,

There are primarily three ways new features end up in Revive Adserver:

1. The core team meets from time to time, and decides what our priorities are. Then, based on the amount of time we can commit to the project (as funded by Patreon), we work on those priorities.

2. Someone decides they want a specific feature, and specifically funds the development work for that feature.

3. Someone decides they want a specific feature, and they send us a PR of the code changes to put that feature in.


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