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Problem importing a large database

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I read your article about upgrade to latest version: https://www.revive-adserver.com/support/upgrading/

You says:

" If you’re not comfortable with command line statements, you might be able to use a tool like phpMyAdmin to copy all of your tables from the existing database ‘revive_adserver_abc’ into the new database ‘revive_adserver_xyz’. "

I have export old database using phpmyadmin, and download to my laptop, but database size it´s 309Mb

When I go to new database with phpmyadmin and try to import file, the file it´s too big and cant import.

I have edit in php.ini upload_max_filesize = 400Mb, but same problem.

It´s possible to delete or empty some old campaign before export?

There are some (easy) way to copy database?









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Hi @Fami40 ,

There are ways to delete old campaigns, but a 309Mb database isn't especially large. I would recommend that you look at resolving your ability to transfer & import this file, rather than trying to clear out data. It will come in very handy to be able to do this one day, when you need to restore from a backup.

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