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Mihai T

Can I do Direct Linking with Revive Adserver?

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I got a quick question: can I have direct linking campaigns with Revive Adserver?

The situation: 

 - i have several affiliation websites which are not displaying ads, but instead, i have articles about different products and a Direct link to the Advertiser website, in case the user wants to buy the product.

 - from what i read so far, Revive Adserver it's all about ads, banners linked to zones in the websites

 - but i have tracking links from my Advertisers and want an adserver through which i can pass all my tracking links, and on my websites i only implemented the final links, NOT zones.

 - can I do this with Revive Adserver? Create campaigns that don't use a zone but a Direct Link ?

Thank you very much!!

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Thanks for the answer!

One thing though, i don't need to display an AD/Banner. That's my problem.

There will be no ads to show, only links that point directly to some landing pages. 

Actually, to give a good example, i want to know if Revive can be used as an affiliate tracking platform, like Cake, Voluum or HasOffers.


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