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Limited Access for "self Servicing"?

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Its possible to add an Account to my Server who have just access to the Data who the user have to change?
I looking for an way that my Partner could add there Banner and define there own rules for delivery and the most important think see just there own Stats.
I see I can add Accounts but nothing see to be different.

Does anyone have an solution?


EDIT: I see the different User have there own Profile. But how to define ONE Global Placeholder for the the Ads on my Page?

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The accounts are separated from each other. So far so good but it look like that also mean that the Webseite where I publish the Banner cant be defined "global" for all Accounts.
When it would be very nice to define the Website and the Banner on an "Admin Account" and the "normal" User can fill this Banner with the own Images or what the use.

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