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Building Rotating Sidebar Ads

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I'm a PHP coder. My client wants to sell widgets that come in two categories, A and B. In the project I plan to build for them, I have a sidebar where ads will be shown. Businesses will pay to have their ad shown there. I want to use Revive where she will place the ads into the system. Then, my code needs to pull out the A ads for the A ads sidebar, and then another piece of code for B ads for the B ads sidebar. There will be about 5 ads per sidebar, and need to rotate among all the different ads in the system for the A category and the B category.

Is this something already provided out of box where I just paste a snippet to show the ad group, or do I need to code something custom, or is there a plugin already for this?

And if I have put this in the wrong group, moderator, please let me know. I'm a noob, just learning what's appropriate and where.

Myrtle Beach USA

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Hi @Mike Ross,

You may need to do some coding, depending on what you mean by "rotate". If you simply mean load new banners when the page is reloaded, then you should be able to do this by with a standard Revive Adserver release. However, if you mean that you want the banners to update to a new banner after a certain amount of time, then only the iFrame invocation tag supports this - so, depending on if that meets your needs or not, you may need to add some code around the invocation tag(s) to refresh the banners.

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