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Direct invocation code

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Well, it's been a week since I posted my question and nobody answered. I checked many times during the week and posted 2 additional comments reiterating my interest to solve this issue, yet the extra comments I added were deleted by some administrator of this forum. When an administrator of this forum -who should be knowledgeable about Revive- takes the time to remove non-offensive posts but doesn't answer a simple question, it's pretty obvious that Revive isn't capable of generating an invocation code for a specific ad.

A "sorry, not possible" message would have been greatly appreciated...

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Hi @svsanchez,

To do what you are looking for, you need to use "direct selection". Unfortunately, that's one of the areas I have not had time to document yet.

You can either google about re: direct selection, and see if you can find something, or, if you'd like to help us improve, please consider becoming a sponsor on Patreon, to help us have more time to do things like document all of the features!


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