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How many and what ad networks are supported?

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I'm new to this community so I could make mistakes kindly forgive for 1 or 2 mistakes.


I'm a publisher and owner of 2 websites. I'm currently using Google AdSense as my primary source of ad revenue , but I heard about using multiple ad-networks to improve revenue, so on searching internet I came up here (because it is free) I read lots about what is revive and how to setup and install google adsense with it, but there are some questions are in mind to be answers.

  1. like what ad-networks are supported and what are giving high revenue instead of adsense ?
  2. All supported ad-networks has their integration guide ? 

I'm a not technical guy so I'm ask some question which could be very simple to answer by anyone but that does not mean I'm spamming this forum.




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Hi @indiafeednews,

1. What ad networks are supported? Really, just about any ad network should be supported, in the sense that if you can get an invocation tag from the ad network, then you can deliver that tag to your site via Revive Adserver. You may find that (depending on how the tags are implemented), some may not work once placed in Revive Adserver - and if you can give us details about those, we can potentially look into it - and some features, like click-tracking, may not work (in fact, that's likely), but the basics of delivering the ads should.

2. No, we don't have an integration guide for each ad network - simply get the invocation code, and drop it into an HTML banner, and it should work.

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