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Banner and Ads?!

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Sorry I am in some Ads Discussion Forums but noboy could answer me.
1) What is the "default" Banner Size?

468 x 60
728 x 90

120 x 600
160 x 600

200 x 200
300 x 250

is this the default size in the Ads Business?

2) There are Ad Campains who change every Week. How does the Update think work?

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Hi @Display Name,

1. There is no single "default" banner size. The IAB defines quite a few different industry standard sizes, which is what Revive Adserver has in by default, but you can define and work with whatever size(s) you want with Revive Adserver.

2. If you have campaigns that change every week, I can think of two obvious approaches:

  • Update the campaign each week, deactivating & adding new banners as required. This can lead to big campaigns, with lots of banners in them, though, which might make it hard to see what's going on.
  • Otherwise, set up separate campaigns, one campaign for each week. I think this is nice and clean, but it's up to you, and how you like to work.

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