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Three Sidebar Ad zones shared Contract ads


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Having troubles getting my ad zone banners to show up correctly for me.

The setup is something like

  • 300x250 Zone 1
  • 300x250 Zone 2
  • 300x250 Zone 3

Zone 1 will have a Google AdSense ad possibility

Zones 2 and 3 have a single remnant ad, we'll call Remnant Banner 1 and Remnant Banner 2

Meanwhile, I have created contract ads for individual advertisers, each having a 1-campaign 1-banner.

The Contracts are to deliver a set amount 25k impressions per month and linked to all 3 zones, with each advertiser set to only show 1-ad per page.

My remnant ads have no requirements, and a lower priority.

Why then when going to my zones, say zone 2 my probability shows a 95% chance it will show the lower priority remnant ad, and a 2.5% chance of showing either of the 2-Contract ads I currently have?

What am I doing wrong, or need to change?

Short url to a demo page:  http://tinyurl.com/zzo6wky

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Some followup info, so far Revive is only installed on this one page, that is a demo page, with  only me hitting the page.

But if I created these ads yesterday, wouldn't the ads already be 833 view behind?

I took 1440 minutes per day, and divided that by 833 the number of times an ad would have to show per day to get to 25k per month (30 days).

So far I only ever see one contract ad at a time, I've never seen it load both of them.

wondering whether I should set all campaigns to remnant/
Tenancy or something if that would provide a more even distribution.

Until the ads are implemented on the site on all pages, I have no ideal how accurate or inaccurate Contracts ads are going to be, but according to the forums are very problematic, with no correct answers, or nobody providing the solution they came up with and explaining it adequately.

I guess I'm just up against a steep learning curve, on a short time frame to get a site going.


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Hi @Crssp,

Welcome! This is a complex topic, and I'm actually working on some more documentation to try and explain better how Revive Adserver decides which banner to display for a zone, and after that, I probably need some better documentation on how it calculates priorities.

However, in the meantime, here are some thoughts that may help:

  1. You say that when you go to view the probabilities for Zone 2, it says that there is a 95% chance of showing the remnant ad, and a 2.5% chance each of showing the two links contract ads. Is that wrong? You don't provide any details of how many impressions that zone is delivering per month - perhaps 2.5% of the zone impressions is, in fact, all that is needed to get to 25k impressions?
  2. However, I suspect that's not the case, because you're talking about a test setup, so I doubt you are putting "live" levels of impressions through your test setup. In that case, what you may be seeing is "slow start" to campaigns - newly created campaigns are deliberately set to have a low priority level, just when they are created, to help try and ensure that they don't blow through your entire campaign budget in the first hour.
  3. You can certainly move away from contract campaigns to remnant, to get a more even distribution, but it depends what you want - an even distribution, or the delivery pf a target number of impressions!

Hope that helps.

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Thanks for the reply Andrew. It takes some level of learning to figure out how any system works.

We also use google/DFP on some of our other sites, and it continues to teach me ad trafficking pitfalls.

When we actually get enough ads loaded to go to a live setup, I will maybe place them on inside pages first, to get the behavior to level out before placing the ads on the homepage. That should help get w/ a smooth launch then. If other people would do a better job in the forums of replying with what they found to be solutions, they would be better community members :)

I am guessing then that tenancy ads, are more inline with what would be a Share of Voice pool of ads?

Our oldest ad system, we gave everything a standard weight of 10, so if we wanted to double up that ad we gave it 20.
What do you recommend as far as prioirty/weight, working with single digits, or 10's or even hundreds, the 10 system always worked well for us, easy math anyways.

Thanks again.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey just wanted to chime back in here, my contract ads are actually pacing nicely, and trying to catch up (since they I didn't get them started till late in the month).

Most of the ads are to deliver 25k impressions per month/ breaks down to about 833 impressions per day -once things level off.

Meanwhile as of now they are overdelivering by 20% or so, which is just great.


The only problem now is House ads are tending to deliver more than the paid remnant ads I have like my google adsense ads.

I have adsense ads now weighted ten, and my house ads weighted just 1, maybe that will help?


Thanks, wanted to get some positive feedback in here.

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Hi @Crssp,

Great to hear that contract campaigns are working for you, roughly speaking. Things will never be perfect, but they should be there or there abouts.

If you're looking to have paid remnant ads & lower priority house ads, there are two approaches I can think of:

1. As you have done already, weight them differently; or

2. If your external paid remnant partner supports it, put your house ads in a different zone, and then use that zone's invocation tag as a fallback tag that you set in your paid partner account - so, e.g. if Google Adsense have nothing to display, then it can fall back to your house banner.

You may find this of interest: https://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Banner+Selection+Mechanism

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