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Upgrading from 4.0.0 to 4.0.1 getting error - No Stats, No Bannerpreview in ACP


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Revive Adserver is located on a subdomain ads.domain.de

My Steps:

Old Version 4.0.0 -> Folder renamed
New Version uploaded and set to /adserver (wich looks at ads.domain.de)

- Start Upgrade - Step 1, copy old ads.domain.de.conf.php in new /var folder
- Step 2 - Database password entered
- Step 3 - added Path to previous Revive Adserver installation & set data for System Administrator Account - continue -> Get Error:


An error occurred while accessing the database

Due to a problem with the database Revive Adserver couldn't retrieve or store data. If this problem is reproducable it might be caused by a bug in Revive Adserver. Please report the following information to the creators of Revive Adserver. Also try to describe the actions that led to this error as clearly as possible.

Version:    Revive Adserver v4.0.1
PHP/DB: PHP 5.6.29-0+deb8u1 / MySQL 5.5.54-0+deb8u1
Page: /www/admin/install.php
Error: Duplicate entry 'xxx' for key 'rv_users_username'
INSERT INTO rv_users (contact_name , email_address , username , password , language , default_account_id , date_created , email_updated ) VALUES ('Administrator' , '[email protected]' , 'xxx' , '12237f9088c1417ea56846ff9596cac9' , 'de' ,  41 , '2017-02-25 02:37:52' , '2017-02-25 02:37:52' ) 
    [_qf__install-config-form] => 
    [action] => configuration
    [moreFieldsShown] => 1
    [previousPath] => /home/xxx/html/adserver4
    [adminName] => xxxx
    [adminPassword] => xxxxx
    [adminPassword2] => xx
    [adminEmail] => [email protected]
    [adminLanguage] => de
    [prefsTimezone] => Europe/Berlin
    [webpathAdmin] => ads.domain.de/www/admin
    [webpathDelivery] => ads.domain.de/www/delivery
    [webpathImages] => ads.domain.de/www/images
    [webpathDeliverySSL] => ads.domain.de/www/delivery
    [webpathImagesSSL] => ads.domain.de/www/images
    [storeWebDir] => /home/xxx/html/adserver/www/images
    [save] => Continue »

-> Now Log on administration area  ->


Detected Revive Adserver 4.0.1

Revive Adserver is up to date

Your Revive Adserver database and file structure are both using the most recent version and therefore no upgrade is required at this time. Please click Continue to proceed to the administration panel.


- No banners are displayed in the admin area (preview).
- Banners are displayed on managed websites
- No statistics are displayed

-> What can I do now?


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Hi @SLM,

Well, I'm not sure how it happened, but you have a duplicate entry in the rv_users table, where it's the username column that has the duplicate.

You will need to log into your database, and locate the rows with the duplicate username entries, take a careful backup of the rows (all the data!) and then delete the row or rows that you think are the incorrect duplicates.

Hopefully, after that, it all works - and if you cannot log in again with that username, then you may need to remove the remaining row for that user, and put back in the other row (or one of the other rows) until you can log in again.

Hope that helps!


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Hello @andrewatfornax


It is definitely not possible to save any settings. Therefore, no statistics are displayed and the settings can not be changed.

After several tests I found the following:

1. If I install version 4.0.1 fresh with a new database, all settings can be saved (language etc.).

2. If I copy the data from the old database to the new database, the settings can not be saved anymore.

It is therefore not due to wrongly set rights.

Which table and which values are responsible for the database to save any settings? And what values are correct?

Edited by SLM
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