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Automatically Optimizing Banners Based on CTR?

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How can banners be optimized automatically using a performance algorithm in Revive Ad Server?

I would like to automatically drop banners out of rotation that have less than some specific CTR and more than some specific number of impressions in each zone.

I would like to be able to add banners in bulk (to all zones) and then have the software automatically figure out which banners work well in which zones and deactivate the banners in the zones where they are doing poorly (and deactivate the banners completely if they perform poorly in all zones). I am not using conversion tracking for all campaigns, so CTR would be the best way to determine winning and losing banners.

Is there some way to do this natively in Revive? If not, does anyone know of a plugin that can help to accomplish this goal?

Thank you.

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8 hours ago, andrewatfornax said:

There used to be (probably still is?) an option to prioritise delivery based on eCPM - but I honestly have no idea how effective it ever was, nor if it really still works.

@andrewatfornax Thank you for the reply and the information.

Where in Revive can I find this eCPM setting to play with?

Thank you again for your help.

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