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Destination URL doesn't redirect to the url


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I've some trouble. I set well the banner and the destination url. when the banner is clicked a new widows opens but impossible to see the destination page, only black page. I see well my openx server address with destination script in the url tab of the browser.

what can I do?


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The first thing I would strongly recommend would be to look at upgrading from OpenX Source to Revive Adserver, as there are many security vulnerabilities that have been fixed across several years worth of Revive Adserver releases.

However, as for diagnosing what's happening with the redirect issue, I would use something like the Chrome Developer Tools to watch the sequence of URLs being loaded as you bring up the page with the banner on it, and then click on the banner, to see what the browser is doing.

Putting the zone onto a plan test HTML page with no other content can also be helpful, in case some other elements on the real page are interfering with the banners.

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