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Images not displaying in Admin UI

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I started doing the upgrade to v4 and as part of the pre-config, I wanted to move the images to a separate folder.

Revive is installed in /opt/revive-current

The images were at /opt/revive/current/www/images

I copied them all to /opt/revive-images and gave them all 777 permissions.

I changed the .conf file in 2 places: 

1) under [webpath]
2) under [store]

I rebooted the server and now I can't see the image in the Admin UI when I click on Banners and then click on a banner. It just shows the empty block. The url its trying to get it from is: http://mysite.com/www.images/blah.png

Its also not available at http://mysite.com/images/blah.png


Anyone know what is wrong? I'm still on v3

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Hi @Bernard O,

I was going to say something very similar, which is to ask to make sure that you have also updated your webserver configuration to ensure that the URL you have configured under the [webserver] section of the configuration file is valid, and points to the directory you have configured for the images under the [store] section of the configuration file.

In your web server logs, do you see requests coming in for the images? If so, then you should hopefully also see any errors as to why they cannot be loaded.

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Thanks for the feedback.

My [store] section looks like this:



My [webpath] section looks like this:



My webserver config looks like this:

<VirtualHost *:80>
  ServerName mydomain.com
  DocumentRoot /opt/revive-adserver-4.0.1/www
  <Directory /opt/revive-adserver-4.0.1>
    Require all granted
  ErrorLog ${APACHE_LOG_DIR}/mydomain.com_error.log
  CustomLog ${APACHE_LOG_DIR}/mydomain.com.log combined


The folder structure on disk looks like this:




So to me it all looks correct :(

Edited by Bernard O
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According to this webserver config, any request like mydomain.com/images/image.jpeg would be fetched from /opt/revive-adserver-4.0.1/www/images/image.jpeg.

You have to configure your webserver accordingly if you want to serve over HTTP anything that is outside of www folder. You can use Alias or RewriteRule directives.


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