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Single Call Tag Click Recording Issue?

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I've gone back and forth over the years between using the single call tag vs iframe tags for my site's banners. I recently switched back to the single call tag, I've correctly set everything up, and I notice a big drop in the number of clicks recorded:

Single Call Tags: 22 December 2016 - 22 January 2017


iFrame Tags: 22 November 2016 - 22 December 2016


I suspect there is an issue with single call tags not recording all clicks. How else could this 36% drop be explained? My ads DID NOT change significantly during this time, and, as you can see, the views were very consistent. 

Please feel free to chime in about this.


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Hi @scott001,

Just thinking about this, I cannot see how that would be the case. The click recording mechanism is, as far as I am aware, exactly the same for both ads. That is, once the ad has been delivered, and displayed, the click URL works in the same way, using the same URL (parameters for banner IDs and whatnot excluded), and gets recorded in the database the same way.

What would be really interesting would be if you could dynamically insert one or the other type of tag, 50/50. Then you could compare them side by side, running the same volume of ads, with the same content, over the same time period.

The only thing would be that you'd have to have two zones, one for each tag type, so that you could then compare the CTR for each separate zone, with it's unique tag type.

That would make things a truly interesting comparison!

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FYI: I just switched back to IFrame calls, after all, my advertisers want clicks! I'll report any changes in CTR. I agree that a side by side would be interesting, but not sure I have time to do it.

Although not on topic, one issue I also have is that some of my advertisers have complained that the clicks I am recording are not showing up at all in google analytics data for their sites. After doing some research I've discovered that the referrer is not sent by certain browsers when a link goes from an https secure site like mine, to an http non-secure site like most of my advertisers. Does this sound right to you? 

One big job I am always facing is growing skepticism on the views and clicks (especially the clicks) that Revive is showing, but some of my advertisers claim isn't happening. Is there any help you can offer me to overcome those objections and explain discrepancies in click data that is recorded?

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