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Ad campaign import script, need script changed to work with review from it previously working for openx


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I have a script that we use to take a excel spreadsheet with several items and unique links to the items.  The script takes the links as well as a thumbnail and creates campaigns based off that.  Previously we were using openx with this script.  Long story short, we moved hosts and had to go to a higher version of mysql.  This broke openx and the script import.  I've taken the script and corrected the variables to use the revive directories/logins.  But get an error about " Incorrect integer value: 't' for column 'status' at row 1 ".  I'm guessing it's due to differences in the database structures between openx and revive.  Anyhow, looking to see if anyone could assist with looking at the script and making corrections to get it to work with revive.  When I ran the link, it did at least pull the first time from the list and make the banner image with the details.  But wasn't able to address all the database side of things.

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